More people are consuming video content than ever before, across more devices. Every month, online users stream billions of videos, and advertisers are increasingly turning to video advertising. Video delivers brand stories in a powerful way through sight, sound, and motion–- providing the best way to create emotional connections with audiences. offers a revolutionary online video marketing platform that allows you to easily upload your own videos. Our online video advertising system will take your video ads and broadcast them all across the web to multiple video portals, premier sites, directories, social networks, shopping comparison sites and more. With the system, your videos are sure to be seen helping you increase your brand awareness and of course close more sales.

Our platform also enables brand advertisers, digital agencies and publishers to deliver highly engaging video ads. We are only a hand full of providers that delivers and measures interactive video advertising online and to popular HTML5-compatible mobile devices, including the Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, and Android devices. Broadcastlogix clients use the platform to deliver video ads online, on mobile and tablet devices and manage all aspects of ad operations through an easy-to-use web based interface. The end result is a better-informed, more engaged customer, improved ad performance and ultimately higher ROI on video ad campaigns.

Broadcastlogix comprehensive video platform for hosting has everything you need for online video publishing.

If your goal is to generate revenue from your viewership, then you need tools that offer the latest in video advertising capabilities. Our Open Video Ad & Sharing plugin provides support for VAST advertising and works with just about any ad server.

The rapid advances in web video technology make it difficult to keep up. Our online video ad platform, takes the complexity out of video. Just upload your content and we take care of the rest. Simple. Get stunning HD quality video, deliver to any Flash device, and see detailed video analytics, reporting and targeting.

IAB VAST 2.0 standard for video ad delivery. With it, publishers can deliver any video ad from a VAST-compliant ad server into any video player.

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