Bryan Gissiner (client) for in 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"TRAFFIC MONETIZE LCC is running a number of successful businesses and has great insight on what ever market they are pursuing. Very easy to work with and a great resource & problem solvers.”
~June 29, 2011


Ray Magat (client) for

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Wyatt, has always been a stand up guy when getting deals going by putting his best foot forward and even putting his own margin on the line just to grow business. He's pretty straight forward with what he has and can do for you vs being very general which usually means that publisher is just trying to get you in, in hopes of things working out. Working together has been fairly easy and Wyatt tends to be accessible at all times putting you at ease that no campaign will ever be a runaway train. Media Buys will never always go 100% profitable, but Wyatt will make sure that you get a fair shake at getting there on his network.”
~ December 7, 2009


Mauricio Belozercovsky (client) for

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Adscampaign is a highly recommended company to work with because of the wide knowledge of the online advertising market and because of there facility to negotiate and get the best campaign results.” ~December 9, 2009

Antonela Schiano (client) for

“Adscampaign is very proactive and straight forward. They knows what you want and negotiates to get it. They implement campaigns IMMEDIATELY, which is always a plus! Adscampaign handles a very attractive traffic volume and focuses on optimizing results. They're great to work with!”
~ November 13, 2009

Mahesh Kumar J (client) for

“My experience working with Wyatt throughout the years shows he is a veteran in ad space networking! His prompt response, deep knowledge in the field, and professionalism makes him a great person to work with. If you have not work with Wyatt - he is a definite must to work with! Have been doing business with him on the ad space and technology, his media sources are good and they work better compared to most of the other traffic sources.”
~ March 24, 2010

Jeremy Henry (client) for

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Adscampaign certainly has a great deal of experience and knowledge in the online ad industry. Adscampaign was able to get campaigns set up very quickly and has been available to address issues and get things running smoothly.”
~ March 29, 2010

Ilan Netzer (client) for

“Adscampaign is a professional, initiative and dedicated Publisher network that fullfils media requests on very shrot response times which is great. initiative offering and excllent client management are among there strong qualities,”
~ November 20, 2009

Niels Anders (client) ,for

“Wyatt is a well-connected business person. He has helped our bottom line by helping us better monetize both our display and search inventory. Net 15 Payments are always on time. Thanks Wyatt.”
~ February 20, 2012


Palacharla Srinivasu (client) for

“BCA is FAST and Reliable!”
~ May 21, 2010

Julia Poon (client) for

“I can recommend Adscampaign as a company with great knowledge and deep expertise of Internet advertising services. Responsible with a very strong work ethic. Adscampaign denotes a strong experience in areas of online markets, traffic services. When you get to connect with them, you'll discover an amazing team with unique skills!”
~ May 13, 2010


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